CORAL NINE launched simultaneously in the US, Australia and Japan. The brand aims to become a beacon for friendly, down-to-earth surfers
over the world, going beyond the boundaries of country and ethnicity.

The brand gets its name from the numerological concept of the number nine, which expresses respect and understanding, and coral,
a beautiful symbol of the ocean. Put together, CORAL NINE suggests
the idea of loving the ocean and conserving it.


Creating a symbol of unity for friendly, down-to-earth surfers the world over.


Darrin and Izuru, two of the three founders met all the way back in 1995 at Cronulla Beach in Australia. Darrin, a Cronulla local and Izuru a young surfer from Japan living in Australia shared a passion for surfing and the surfing culture. Many years later they have together created CORAL NINE.

Though still a beginner at the time, Izuru was warmly welcomed by the local surfers. When the swell was up, they invited him out to surf, and on weekends the gang would head straight to the pub. Izuru then returned to Japan, went back to school and started working. Darrin found himself following the surf to locations like Indonesia and Margaret River. Though their paths diverged, what remained unchanged was their love of surfing. Today, they go on regular surfing trips together almost every year in search of the perfect wave.

When Darrin and Izuru arrived in Lombok in 2014, they met another founder, Shane, an American surfer who was hanging out in Indonesia. The duo met Shane early one morning at a shop nearby a famous surf spot. It was early, so they paddled out together to catch some waves before the beach got busy. The three were soon thick as thieves, surfing all day and then going out on the town that evening. The next day, they chartered a boat and headed out to find the best spots the island had to offer.

Crammed into the tiny boat with their new buddy, the group traded surfing tales. They agreed that many surfers appear aggressive but are often actually down-to-earth, friendly people, while sometimes the most laidback surfers are the exact opposite once you get to know them. It was a subject any seasoned surfer has discussed before.


Imagine if as surfers we had a simple visual clue when out on the beach anywhere in the world – a signal letting us know that another surfer share’s our sense of respect and mutual support – then surfing would be even more relaxing and fun. It would make meeting like-minded people even easier. This became the start of an idea for a brand that would go beyond country, colour, or creed and serve as a beacon for friendly surfers everywhere.

CORAL NINE aims to be a brand that transcends local barriers and act as a global symbol for friendly, like-minded surfers who want to get along. The vision is, that by following the CORAL NINE beacon, surfers can form new connections anywhere and create and share new experiences with each other.

Most important of all, as the standard-bearer of a sport that places importance on preserving nature, CORAL NINE is about more than just having good times with friends. As the name suggests, it is about deep respect for the oceans and a promise as surfers, to preserve the places we surf.